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Beautiful handmade wooden gifts from the home of the little green gift machine.

Little Green Gift Machine - Gorgeous Handmade wooden Gifts - Clock

Little Green Gift Machine – Gorgeous Handmade wooden Gifts – Clock

We are a small team of individuals who are passionate about deconstruction, reconstruction, salvage, recycling and reuse.  We salvage items that are no longer required, and give them a new life, a new home, a new purpose. In short, we create gorgeous handmade wooden gifts.

Our Little Green Gift Machine team, are visionaries, artists, creators and designers. We spend a lot of time thinking ‘This is not just a one use item; we can turn this into something else, sometimes many things’.

We get asked many questions about why we do what we do, but the most common question of all is about our prices. We have a policy on price that we stay with and it’s simple, we get the majority of our materials for free so we never charge for them.

We only ever charge for the time we spend creating our amazing range and the cost of consumables like, sand paper, drill bits and wax etc.

We also occasionally come across some quite exotic wood species, some of which are very rare or not available. We try to make these pieces very special, but again, only the production time and consumables are in the cost of the finished product.

Our transformed handmade gifts are imperfectly perfect, they are beautifully simple, yet serve their purpose exquisitely. All of our ranges have features to talk about, history, pre-use, a story; we wouldn’t have it any other way! Wherever possible, we’ll tell that story.

We always have stock coming in and going out of the workshop transformed, and the items are sold on various online outlets. You can find our Facebook group here.

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